Why would I buy a home in the gated complex Twida Gardens?

Because the gated complex is planned with a perspective for a modern residence, with low-density construction – five floored buildings with elevators, parking places, and gas supply, and the owners can walk in the gardens, while their children are playing in the playgrounds. There is a possibility for installing own solar panel on the roof of the building.

Because the construction is implemented with high quality and precision, with long-lasting and select materials.

Because the insured utilities, the security guards who work round-the-clock, the care for the infrastructure and the housing, even when the owners are not present, give peace and security to those who live in Twida Gardens.

Because the prices are affordable, and the ratio of price and quality is excellent.

Because the owners of the gated complex have taken care to provide with special preferential conditions those who wish to use a housing loan.

Twida Gardens awaits you!