Twida Gardens – advantages of the gated complex in Sliven

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Why would I buy a home in the gated complex Twida Gardens? Because the gated complex is planned with a perspective for a modern residence, with low-density construction – five floored buildings with elevators, parking places, and gas supply, and the owners can walk in the gardens, while their children are playing in the playgrounds. [...]

Attractions around Sliven

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Situated in the foot of Eastern Stara Planina, the city of Sliven is in a central place in Bulgaria. This makes it a suitable starting point for short excursions to interesting places in the area, and in the country. Sofia is 280 km far from the city, Plovdiv – 180 km, and the Greek border [...]

Twida Gardens – an oasis for healthy life.

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Twida Gardens is a modern gated community, situated in the north part of Sliven, just a 5 minutes’ walk from the Blue Stones Natural Park. You can admire views over the mountain, over the city or towards the nearby city of Jambol from your apartment. This gated community in Sliven is a great starting point [...]

How to choose the best location when searching for Bulgarian properties?

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The following five factors are important when searching for properties in Bulgaria: 1. Optimal location. 2. Good climate conditions. 3. Good infrastructure. 4. Transport connectivity with important and desired places to visit. 5. The safety of the properties for sale, the 24 hour guard and the surveillance of the complex are lately getting more and more important [...]

Residential Complex Twida Gardens – the pearl of Sliven

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Twida Gardens includes all the advantages of closed residential complexes - tranquillity, high security, guaranteed cleanness, provided utility services, the comfort and the beauty of the adjacent territories, wonderful conditions for raising children and for relaxation and recreation of elderly people. The wonderful location of Twida Gardens - at the foot of the Blue stones, [...]

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