Besides being in the foot of the mountain and situated at a crossroad, Sliven is also a city full of history, landmarks and cultural heritage. The team of Twida Gardens wishes the newcomers will feel city’s atmosphere, therefore we have prepared a list of landmarks, which we recommend for you to include in your busy schedule.


The statue of Hadzhi Dimitar

Situated in the central part of the city, the statue of the rebel Hadzhi Dimitar is set on a 12-meter pedestal and reminds of the glorious feat and people’s appreciation. At the foundations of this symbol can be seen busts of seven more rebels from Sliven – Panayot Hitov, Dobri Chintulov, Dr. Ivan Seliminski, Dr. Georgi Mirkovich, Sava Dobroplodni, Georgi Ikonomov and Ivan Dobrovski.


The Old Elm – Sliven

The Old Elm tree is over 1300 years old. Situated at the very center of the city, the tree is related to Sliven’s history, mostly at the time of the Ottoman rule. It won the competition for “European tree of the year for 2014”, and is a symbol of Sliven, often used as a place for appointments.


Art gallery “Dimitar Dobrovich” – Sliven

Every fan of art will appreciate the art gallery “Dimitar Dobrovich”, which you can reach from the Old Elm, only with three-minute walk in the central street. Here unnoticeably you can spend hours, surrounded by over 6000 works, separated in six departments – Graphics, Painting, Applied Arts, Science and auxiliary, Christian Art and Sculpture.


Museum house “Hadzhi Dimitar”

The house where the rebel was born is located in the center of Sliven and is a monument open to visitors.


The City Clock

One of the symbols of Sliven, the City Clock, excels with a magnetic-attractive presence. The construction of the new Municipal House, over which rises the clock tower, is finished in the year 1936. Three years later in the tower are placed the mechanical heart and the moonfaced clock. From the old clock, which was created in 1808 by the skillful hands of Master Atanas Chasopravitelya (The Clock-Maker) and the donations of the citizens, now only the bell is left. Nowadays it still measures the hours and reminds us of the continuity and irreversibility of the passing time.


Twida fortress

And last, but not least, you should visit the late-antique and medieval fortress “Twida”, situated at the hill “Hisarluka”. The fortress is only meters away from the gated complex Twida Gardens. In the past it was inhabited by medieval Bulgarians, ancient Romans and even Thracian tribes. One of the most charming things about the fortress and the gated complex are the breath-taking views over Sliven and the Blue Stones (Sinite Kamani). The fortress will definitely be an interesting stop on your way to the newly-purchased apartment in the Twida Gardens gated complex in Sliven.

Have a good time exploring the city of Sliven!